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Kant's Cave

Exmouth ArmsOn the first Wednesday of every month the PFA meets at "Kant’s Cave" for a lecture, debate and social evening. This has taken place at the Exmouth Arms for the last seven years, but sadly, that has now been sold, and the function room which we used is to be converted to a backpackers' hostel. So we are moving to the first floor of the Globe in Marylebone, on a trial basis, but hopefully this could become our new home. We will see how it works out.

The Globe is at 43-47 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JY, and is directly opposite Baker Street station.

The idea of using the function room of a pub for our philosophy meetings is that we would like to combine serious philosophical activity with an informal exchange of ideas and views. We therefore invite everybody to stay on after the lectures for more talk and debate. All lectures start at 7.30 pm; the bar is open from 7.00. There is a £2 door charge for non-PFA members.

Kant's Cave lectures 2014/2015

3 Sep Tom Rubens Classic liberal individualism and contemporary Western society
1 Oct Rick Lewis Viewpoints
5 Nov Ursula Coope An offer you can't refuse: threats, bribes and persuasion in ancient philosophy
3 Dec Yap X Living with autism in a schizophrenic society
7 Jan Vladimir Dirsh The illusion of historical progress, and the patchiness of improvement